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All RRD sails are rigged with high-quality booms including 80% Carbon RDM masts.
Booms with adjustable harness lines.

Vogue HD MK8 - Pure Wave Side Shore

-- Wave --

The Vogue is all about control. Now whilst riding you can completely forget about the sail and focus 100% on the wave, literally surfing with a sail. The Vogue provides the power you need to move around the break with an incredibly light in the hands feel.

The Four MK6 - Wave 4 Battens

-- Power Wave --

4 battens and a powerful on/off feel allow the rider to really drive through their turns and explode through their moves. More back hand pressure than the Vogue, this acts like a motorbike throttle to accelerate the rider towards the lip, whether its jumping or riding. Further refinements in both the outline and profile have improved control, making this still the best all around wave sail for the modern wave sailor.

Move MK5 - Freewave / Wave onshore

-- Freewave / Freemove --

The Move is designed to fits the needs of every free-style wave and free move rider. The 6.2 and 5.7 offer fun maneuver based performance. Whether its jumping, gybing or blasting, for someone that wants to have maximum fun no matter what the wind, the Move does it all with Style.

Evolution MK8 - A pure freeride experience

-- Freeride --

A sail line that evolves through the sizes, from a great handling 4.4 to a powerful and stable 8.0. The Evolution aims to get every rider planning as quickly as possible and spent more time having maximum fun on the water. A powerful foil offers plenty of low end, whilst at the top end, the use of tube rod battens assures a stable profile even when the wind picks up.

X-Tra MK3

-- All-Round Freeride --

A new line for RRD, combining style and performance with a great price, to give a fantastic freeride sail for every level. From beginner to advanced this sail offers unbeatable price/performance ratio. The Xtra is designed to provide great acceleration and early planning. Just sheet the sail in and go. The perfect accompaniment to larger freeride boards, but also a sail that you will never out grow. Learn with the Xtra, improve with the Xtra and advance with the Xtra. Also available in full X-ply construction, the Xtra-X.

freeride sail for every level

Fire MK4 - No Cam Freerace

-- Freerace --

Speed, control and easy handling; These are the key ingredients in the RRD no cambered free race sail. Whether its on a free race board or a full power slalom board, the Fire will give you an easy ride to the fastest speeds of your life.

7 battens act perfectly to make the sail incredibly stable and controllable, especially in the top end, whilst a full profile maintain good acceleration at the bottom end. A relatively short luff length together with an aggressive clew cut away keep the sail feeling very compact in your hands, aiding control and making fast power gybes with ease.