FWS - Fullwood Sandwich Boards

FWS - Sports

In der FWS Sport Board-Palette stehen für Dich RRD Boards in Full Wood Edition  bereit. Diese steifen und leichten sind sportlich, direkt und beeindrucken durch sehr gute Beschleunigungswerte, sind komfortabel, manöverfreundlich und Fehler verzeihend. Vom Aufsteiger bis zum Könner findet hier jeder das passende Board für eine Menge Spaß auf dem Wasser.

Airwindsurf Freeride - Inflatable planing

-- Freeride --

The first inflatable planing freeride windsurf board. The RRD Team put together an unbeatable board that will make you enthusiastic about the way it planes accelerates and reaches incredible top speeds!
Specifically recommended for freeriding This is the real first step towards and new way of windsurfing at full speed planing earlier than composite free ride boards


Evolution 360 V4 - Duratec - An Exceptional Allrounder

-- Freeride --

Same shapes as last season. These boards mixing speed and pleasure of control with an unmatched feeling of acceleration and turning potential. ”Plug and play” is the first thing that will come to your mind when placing your feet onto these decks!


Firemove Wood V3 - Light feel, great control, quick manouvers

-- Wide Body Freemove --

The Firemove concept is based on an oversized middle width, an extra reduced volume thickness and rail shape, combined with a very long flat section scooprocker line. An impossible combination for most at first, a real innovation for all after testing this magic breed of board shapes.  The perfect match for those looking for fun both in light winds and choppy waters without sacrificing planing and manouverability.

Firestorm Wood V4 - Power of control. Going Fast

-- Freeride Sport --

The Fire Storm program is been redefined in technology and expanded with two new shapes. Based on the scooprocker of the X-fire boards, the thinner volume configuration and the narrower tail allow these designs to be competitive boards with burning accelerations after jibes, but also great pleasant comfortable freeriding machines!

The real GranTurismo line of windsurfing! New sizes available 101 and 129 lts.

Freestyle Wave V4 - Power, beauty, soul

-- Freestyle --

The new Freestyle Wave V4 represent the perfect mix of manouverability, going fast, and riding comfort. No other shape in our collection is so difficult yet rewarding in making. You must mix two opposite worlds and still make a board looks sexy and proportionate.

The new FSW V4 look more like a wave board than ever before, but have improved in top speed and early planning like no other boards in our range. The freestyle wave V4 perfectly represent the true DNA of the company.