BASIC Beginner & KIDS Boards

BASIC Boards mit EVA soft deck

BASIC Boards mit EVA Soft-Deck sind genau die richtigen
Bretter für den Anfang und alle weiteren Lernschritte.
Perfekt für die Familie mit Kids.

Easyride Softskin V3  -  Windsurfing in 10 minutes

The Easy Ride boards represent the perfect set to equip any school and center around the world. 3 to correspond to the different weights and sailors level.

Easy Joy V3  -  Smile and ride

That’s how easy your kid will approach windsurfing on this board. Simply what they need. A great new balanced shape, short and wide with only 110 lts and specifically developed for the purpose of getting in the water, move and improve!


Air-Kid  -  Kids Playground

The special board for kids to play in safety and explore any water surface. Designed specifically with an outline and thickness that fits all kids needs, the Airkid CONV 8’0” is equipped with 3 x soft fins to be extra safe and a mast plug to allow use as a windsurfer. The best way possible to introduce your kids to watersports.  


Airwindsurf Freeride - Inflatable planing

The first inflatable planing freeride windsurf board. The RRD Team put together an unbeatable board that will make you enthusiastic about the way it planes accelerates and reaches incredible top speeds!
Specifically recommended for freeriding This is the real first step towards and new way of windsurfing at full speed planing earlier than composite free ride boards