Rigs Basic & Kids

Rigs Basic & Kids

At Pro Center we have 100 ready to go fully rigged beginner sails. You will always find the right stuff to learn your with problems. See you soon :)

Dragonfly - Youth Performance

-- HD Kid sails --

Dragonfly is designed to provide optimum performance for both beginner and advanced youth sailors. Dragonfly has the same features, durability and appearance of all NeilPryde sails but is lighter and easier to handle.


-- KID School --

The right cut is more crucial when objects are very small. The Kidjoy is the perfect sail to see kids start windsurfing. Every detail has been thought through and put in the right place, such as boom heights proportionally sized depending on the sail. Dacron luff panels that flutter when tacking and allow minimal strength to keep the sail in balance. Everything designed to make windsurfing fun and easy.

EASY RIDE MKVI – Touch and go

-- School --

Developed specifically for beginners and schools, the Easy ride is simple and light. Ideal for getting beginners moving quickly and easily. Re-designed with slightly more luff curve and less head twist, the easy ride offers a perfect balance for ease of use and uphauling. It features a special foot construction that simplifies uphauling and reduces friction with the board deck. A special luff curve makes downhauling and rigging as easy as possible. The perfect match for Easyride S, M and L. Simplicity is the key.

GROM STYLE MKIII – Serious toy for improvments

-- HD Kid sails --

Designed for the next generation. This is a kids sail with a difference. Top level performance

All the features you will find in our Move sail, can be found in the Grom Style, with no compromises. 3.5 weather for dad is pretty different from 3.5 weather for junior so the Grom Style is designed with kids in mind. A longer than normal boom length, as well as a shorter luff length, give plenty of get up and go and keep the sail compact and controllable.