Neil Pryde Rigs

Neil Pryde Rigs (FWS & PRO)

All NP sails are rigged with high-quality spars including 80% Carbon RDM masts and booms with adjustable harness lines.

Combat HD - All Round Wave

The legendary Combat stands out as the go-to choice in the collection for wave performance and all-around versatility. The 2018 Combat has a compact outline and combines high-end construction with uncompromised performance in any wave sailing conditions. The Combat is the sail of choice of the best wave sailors on the planet.

Wizard - Freestyle

The Wizard is the most accomplished freestyle sail there is, delivering explosive acceleration, direct drive and insane lift. This sail planes instantly and depowers on-demand providing silky smooth handling. Early planing, stability and a balanced feel during tricks are the key requirements for a freestyle sail and the Wizard has it all. Plenty of air and more pop than ever.

Ryde HD - Freeride

The Ryde has been designed for classic flat-water freeriding. It offers great low-end power and stability for early planing and controlled maneuvers. The Ryde is an ideal choice for new generation wide and thin Freemove boards as well as more conventional Freeride boards. Planing and gybing made easy—windsurfing pure and smooth.

Fusion HD - Crossover

The 2018 Fusion is maneuvre oriented. You can use it anywhere, in any wind strength, on any water condition. Learn the basics, jump, catch a wave, try a freestyle trick or get into freeride mode and leave your friends behind for speed. With forgiving handling and optional full HD construction, the Fusion is perfectly fitting freestyle wave or small freeride boards.

Speedster - No-Cam Performance Freerider

The SPEEDSTER is an explosive performance Freeride Sport sail. More user friendly than a cam sail (easier to rig, uphaul or jibe), the Speedster is more balanced and offers greater performance and wind range than a classic freeride sail. The tubular battens allow the center of efforts to remains in place while the pro le delivers an exhilarating combination of performance, speed and acceleration.