A1 - Beginner Lessons

...Learn how to Windsurf in just 3 days!!

Our qualified VDWS Team of windsurf instructors, our very lightweight beginners Basic Beginner equipment as well as our professionally organized beach section, are the perfect conditions for a fast learning. Choose one of the windsurfing course packages + rent (Flate rate), so you have the whole day great fun, at a great price!
At the end of the course you will handed over a level-card with your skills achieved.

Beginner: It’s easy to get going! (Boards up to 240 liter )

With the super-steady RRD boards, suitable for beginners, and the ultra-light RRD & NP One, you’ll quickly learn how to start, how to steer, sail, tack and jibe in light winds You’ll pass your course with ease and upon optional completion of an examination, you may apply for the VDWS certificate and diploma. Included are: VDWS training booklets. So carry on ...

“Level-up” towards the A1+...

Licence - VDWS 29 €

Regardless of which MB course level you are taking, you can always pass the VDWS certificate. Beginner courses include VDWS course manuals as well as special editions for kids.


All courses include:

- Rescue service with the RIB
- BASIC boards equipment
- Free use of wetsuit and harness during Rental & lessons hours
- Rental/Lesson Packages: Lessons can only be taken on days for which equipment has been rented

MB-Course-Level System

All available courses are organized according to the “MB - Course - Level System”.
At each level, you will develop the basic skills required for the following level. When several succeeding courses are taken, faster progress can be expected (i.e. two succeeding courses will take 5 days instead of 6 days to complete).

Course duration

1 Level = 1 course = 3 days
2 Level = 2 courses combined = 5 days
3 Level = 3 courses combined = 7 days

1 day of the course = 2 hours in the group (min 3 persons) Groups of 2 persons: 1 course day = 1.5 hours in the group. If we cannot organize a group lesson, you get alternative 1 hour private lessons. Wetsuit and harness use are included. All prices per person.