KITE COURSE / MB-Level-System

Learn how to Kitesurf & improve quickly...

Step by step
our qualified team will teach you everything
you want to know to become a real Kiter. The fee for all
courses include rental of equipment, wetsuit, harness, life vest and helmet.
At the end of the course you will be issued our Level-card with the correct level achieved.
KIDS from 10-12 years also have the opportunity to enter this fascinating trend sports, with the safety of course comes first. With trainerkites, bodydrags and first rides kids will learn quick. If no group is established, private lessons will be offered automatically.

Group Lessons

  • Lessons have a duration of 60 minutes
  • The 7,5 hours “Master” Basic course can be carried out in 2/3 days doing various hours
    per day.
  • We recommend the 7,5 hour Basic Package to get a solid Kiting Level.
  • Harness, wetsuit, life vest and helmet are provided by us

Private Lessons

  • If you’ve already managed Level 1 - 3, the next levels are availble only by private lessons.

Kiteboarding training

With a maximum of 2 students per teacher your entry into this fascinating sport is not only easy, you will have the maximum learning success through this intensive training at the Pro Center! If you have already taken a kiteboarding course, or just a trial lesson, but not reached your goal - no problem! We will help you to get to the level you want. Our professional team of Kite instructors are VDWS (Association of German Water schools), IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela) certifed, which allows us to to provide a high quality service and guarantee the quality of our courses. All the Kite-Level-Certificates that we issue, are recognised internationally.
During the Advanced Kiteboarding training we have a safety boat ready in front of the Kite Center.

Minimum requirements

To join our courses you need to be in good shape and be a good swimmer.

VDWS / IKO license:: VDWS & IKO licenses can be purchased at the Pro Center office. You can choose one of the following:
- A full VDWS / IKO certificate that includes theory, learning material, license plus accreditation of all steps completed in the past. Price: 54 €
- Upgrade of your VDWS / IKO certificate with the steps you have just completed. Price: 20 €

Course schedule

New courses start every day. On site registration have to be done one day in advance before 5pm.

All the courses we offer follow the IKO teaching standards. Our kite instructors are VDWS (Association of German Water schools) or IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) tested, so you can be sure of a professional team of instructors. Certificates issued by our team are valid worldwide. Skills exercises such as dry runs are done on the beach at the kite-zone. Theory classes take place at the main Pro Center base.