Wind Info - Wind-Statistics Porto Pollo

Perfect conditions for Beginners and Advanced-Windsurfers / Kiteboarders…

The advantageous location of the MB-Pro Center along the channel between Corsica and Sardinia, guarantees great wind conditions for Windsurfing & Kiteboarding. We have four wind systems; the Tramontana, Maestrale, Ponente and Scirocco which blow across both bays of Porto Pollo at wind strengths ranging from 4 to 8 Bft.: ideal for all levels of Windsurfers/Kiters. In the morning winds are ideally suited for beginners. In the afternoon, a stronger breeze prevails and presents exciting conditions for more radical action. During the summer, the prevailing wind is the Ponente, with wind forces ranging between 4-8 Bft. During the autumn the Scirocco, from North Africa, typically blowing at 5-6 Bft, can reach strengths up to 8 Bft. In addition to the wind-favorable geographical situation of the site, the wind in the bay is also accelerated due to the narrowing of the hilly terrain around Porto Pollo. The combination of terrain and location in the straits of Bonifacio results in exceptional windy flat water conditions. Small waves can also be found a little further out in the bay.