Stand-Up-Paddleboard (SUP)

Porto Pollo is a great place to enjoy the latest hype in the surf scene.
You’ll be able to discover the bay and pick up some surf on the way back.
Even better, it’s for free when you have weekly windsurf or kitesurf rental package!
30 SUP Boards are ready to go ... !


MEGAIRSUP is designed and built to ride with 6-10 paddlers on. Its enormous size of 500 cms long x 187 cms wide a thickness of 20 cms and a volume of 1550 liters makes it a real boat to be powered by paddle strokes. Use it on the waves to surprisingly exhilarating rides and endless challenges with lots of friends on its deck . Also used for team building programs. It’s a new revolutionary device to explore the water and its endless possibilities. or…what about a Sunset cruise .. ? Have Fun…!


A new stable and fast cruising shape, fantastic to be ridden over flat water and through small chops.

With its 266 lts of volume this board floats the heaviest weights and still feels manoeuvrable and stable under your feet.


The Wassup is our specific development on all-round, easy to ride SUP boards.

Wassup stands for “Windsurf AS SUP”. The best board to enjoy water at 360°.


-- Wave all-round --

The Morpho sups are exactely the right answer for those suppers willing to get only one board to do it all just better! Based on the outline of a modern Cotan surfboard or sup design for waves these surf shapes have been stretched and made to fit a more “allround” length and width. Good floatation and easy paddling whilst keeping a straight line on flat water and a very manouverable behaviour once on a wave. A perfect choice for those suppers that have already used an allround board


The most wanted SUP range of our collection. This super friendly and allround orientated type of board glides smoothly on flat water and rides effortlessly in small surf, allowing you to enter a new dimension of excitement. Great experience of pleasure in an incredible variety of conditions.


Two boards designed specifically to start riding waves. The AirWave V2 boards are easy paddlers and can catch waves on demand.

They will also allow you to do bottom and top turns almost as if you were using a composite board.